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Mars Has Released New Vegan Chocolate ‘Mars Oat’ Drink

Mars Has Released New Vegan Chocolate ‘Mars Oat’ Drink

by Agi Kaja

Mars has launched a new vegan drink that will please the fans of its iconic chocolate bar.

The brand has just added Mars Oat to its range of dairy-free chocolate-bar inspired drinks.

The new drink perfectly mimics the flavour of Mars’ caramel nougat chocolate bar. The company claims the oat drink is ‘bursting with a rich chocolatey taste, and a hint of caramel’.

Mars Oat contains is made entirely of plants and no added sugar. The drink has been registered with the Vegan Society.

Mars Oat joins the dairy-free range of Mars’ Galaxy Oat and Bounty Coconut drinks with an RRP of £1.50 for a 250ml bottle.

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