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Canadian Furniture Brand Introduces Vegan AppleSkin Leather Collection

Canadian Furniture Brand Introduces Vegan AppleSkin Leather Collection

by Agi Kaja

Canadian furnishing brand Gus* Modern has launched a collection made entirely with vegan leather.

The new eco-friendly and cruelty-free material is manufactured exclusively in Italy. Vegan AppleSkin has been developed using apple pomace from the local juicing industry. It is made by combining discarded fruit fibre - apple cores and peels with polymers to create a durable covering that is similar to leather. This kind of material retains the modern aesthetic look and the texture of traditional leather. Vegan leather is equally durable, easy to clean and practical. 

Gus* Modern is launching Vegan Appleskin leather in two colours - Cognac and Licorice.

Vegan AppleSkin Leather is an innovative option for customers searching for a quality alternative to leather. Additionally, the material is OEKO-TEX® Certified which means it meets the standards for health and safety.

“We’re excited to launch an innovative, vegan material that’s created with upcycled components,” said Anthony Santino, Vice-President of Sales at Gus* Design Group. “This new bio-based material saves apple peels and cores from going to landfills and is a harmonious addition to our other eco-friendly options - FSC-Certified wood and cushion fill made from recycled plastic bottles.”

The Gus* Modern furniture collection is designed in Canada and sold at over 150 furniture retailers around the world.

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