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Nestlé To Launch Vegan Carnation Condensed Milk

Nestlé To Launch Vegan Carnation Condensed Milk

by Agi Kaja

Food giant Nestlé is preparing to launch a vegan version of its iconic Carnation condensed milk this autumn.

According to The Grocer, Nestlé has been developing the new product for 18 months.
The dairy-free condensed milk can be used in a variety of sweet caramel-based desserts, pies, pastries and cakes.

The vegan version of the product is priced at £2.19 for a 370g tin compared to £1.70 for a 397g tin of standard Carnation condensed milk. 

It will be available online from September and will be rolled out to supermarkets in October.

Nestlé’s marketing lead for dairy brands UK Vittoria Simms told The Grocer: “It has been a challenge for vegans to find suitable alternatives to make dairy or caramel-based sweets, treats or desserts, without having to compromise on taste, texture or appearance.” 

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