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Air and Grace Debuts Vegan Shoe Collection

Air and Grace Debuts Vegan Shoe Collection

by Agi Kaja

UK shoe brand Air and Grace is launching its first-ever vegan collection this autumn.

The shoes are made entirely from animal-free materials, and they were approved by PETA. The brand describes the line as "long-awaited" and says they are made with "tender loving air comfort technology".

The shoes are made with three different layers of memory and recovery foam cushioning and adhesives to provide better comfort.

The line features five different designs of trainers in Air, Grace's 'Cru', 'Alto' and summer-inspired espadrilles styles. The shoes will be available in different prints and colours.

The espadrilles are handmade in Spain, and the trainers are handmade in Portugal. Espadrilles are priced 99 pounds and 129 pounds, and the prices of sneakers are starting at 149 pounds.

Founder of Air and Grace, Claire Burrows, said in a statement: "We designed the new Vegan Collection in response to popular customer demand for animal-free products. With veganism moving heavily into the mainstream, it felt only natural and in keeping with the Air and Grace ethos to provide not only vegans, but all women, with an offering that met consumer needs and combined a unique blend of considered comfort, quality and style – and true to Air and Grace, provided women with shoes that look great, feel great, and stand the test of time."

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