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Flora To Launch Vegan Block Butter

Flora To Launch Vegan Block Butter

by Agi Kaja

Upfield-owned plant-based brand Flora has launched vegan butter alternative.

The vegan alternative is made from sunflower and rapeseed, and it also contains palm oil. The company says the product has a ‘delicious taste’ and is set to 'cook, fry, bake and spread just like dairy butter'. Flora Plant comes with half the climate impact of traditional dairy butter.

The new product is available in salted and unsalted versions with a price of £1.80 for a 250g block. It rolled out for sale at independent retailers.

According to The Grocer, Upfield UK & Ireland marketing director Catherine Lloyd said: "Flora Plant is our biggest innovation in years.

"We believe we need to change the way we impact the planet's health now. By making a small switch to Flora Plant, consumers can still enjoy a delicious taste and the performance of butter whilst doing their little bit to help the planet."

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