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Alicia Keys Teams Up With Vegan Company To Launch New Lifestyle Beauty Brand

Alicia Keys Teams Up With Vegan Company To Launch New Lifestyle Beauty Brand

by Agi Kaja

Multi-Grammy Award winner and music producer, Alicia Keys, is partnering with vegan company e.l.f. Beauty to launch a "lifestyle beauty brand" next year.

The California-based cruelty-free cosmetics brand is working with the singer to release a line of new vegan products.

The company said in a statement that Alicia's line of "skin-loving, dermatologist-developed, cruelty-free products" will have an "inclusive point of view and an authentic voice" that "aims to bring new meaning to beauty by honouring ritual in our daily life and practising intention in every action."

The brand added that the new range will be a "culmination of Keys' personal skincare journey and her passion for bringing light into the world" and that the singer has been very involved in the creative process.

"This is not another celebrity beauty line," said e.l .f's head of corporate communications, Melinda Fried. 

"Because Alicia is more than an icon, she's an inspiration.

"In her song lyrics, numerous interviews and editorials, and in her (new book), she has openly and honestly shared her skin struggles, her frustration with society's unrealistic beauty ideals and her own journey to finding clarity, strength and a deeper knowledge of her real self. Now, through this new endeavour, she aims to help others find that same place of peace and power within themselves."

Since 2016 Alicia Keys has been promoting her new public image wearing no or little makeup.

e.l.f. hasn't announced the products the exclusive line will consist of, but it confirmed that it would "encompass multiple beauty categories."

The brand said that more details about the products would be revealed in the coming months.

"Together we are painting the highest vision to blaze a new trail in beauty," added e.l.f. 's chief marketing officer, Kory Marchisotto, in a press release. "Now, more than ever, the world is craving a vision that is more than skin deep."

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