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Vegan Chef Gaz Oakley Announces Restaurant Pop-up Tour

Vegan Chef Gaz Oakley Announces Restaurant Pop-up Tour

by Agi Kaja

Vegan chef and recipes creator Gaz Oakley is bringing his delicious plant-based dishes to a city near you soon! 

Gaz kept his promise and announced the details of his first restaurant when he hit 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Instead of opening a venue in one location, he decided to make his tasty vegan dishes accessible to as many people as possible, and he is taking his vegan food concept on tour.

He wrote on his Instagram account: “Here it goes: Restaurant Tour 2021. I didn’t want to open a restaurant you’d have to travel to so I’m going to bring the food to you.

“Unique dining experiences that will blow your socks popping up near you. Dates & locations to be announced. Love for the support, Gaz.”

Gaz Oakley is a chef, YouTuber and author who created the brand Avant Garde Vegan. Cooking has always been his passion. In 2016 he decided to change his career and started posting his meals on Instagram. Today, he is one of the most popular vegan influencers. 

In 2018 Gaz released his debut cookbook Vegan 100. The book is sold worldwide and translated into five different languages.

"Writing my first cook book was an unbelievable feeling, Vegan 100 is filled with all the recipes I had created between the first day I went vegan up until the day I handed the book text in. I wanted to make sure there was something in there for everyone & packed with dishes that will appeal to non-vegans. If I get them interested & cooking my food then it will be less people eating animals," he wrote on his website. 

He published his 2nd cookbook  Vegan Christmas in October 2018 and his 3rd cookbook Plants Only Kitchen was released in April 2020.

Announcing reaching 1 million YouTube subscribers milestone, he wrote: "I really want people to know that anything is possible. I never thought I would be in this position. If you put your mind to something you can do anything you desire. Discipline = Freedom. Your hard work now will one day pay off in the future.

I'm going to keep on going on this journey for as long as possible, to help inspire as many people as I can to go vegan, for the animals."

Gaz is partnering with TheVeganKind to launch a new vegan recipes website. You can be the first to try TVK Recipes and sign up to our awaiting list here. 

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