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Edinburgh Pizzeria Reopens As 100% Vegan Italian Restaurant

Edinburgh Pizzeria Reopens As 100% Vegan Italian Restaurant

by Agi Kaja

Nova Pizza in Stockbridge is reopening today after the lockdown. The restaurant comes back as an entirely plant-based Italian restaurant.

The restaurant kitchen is now owned and managed by chef Maddalena Pezone from Sora Lella - Italian vegan restaurant located in Fountainbridge.

The menu features vegan versions of famous Italian classics. There are vegan pizzas and pasta, including carbonara, puttanesca and bolognese. You will also find seitan steak served with homemade red wine sauce and vegan calzone stuffed with plant-based cheese.

Nova Pizza wrote on Instagram: "Our inspiration is to combine the best of what Italian and vegan cuisine can offer. We are known for our sustainable, meat-free and vegan-friendly menu. We've replaced vegetarian options with new mouthwatering vegan alternatives which we cannot wait for you to try. Novapizza is now owned and managed by Maddalena Pezone. Most of you might know her as she was the head chef at Novapizza up until last year when she opened her own vegan restaurant Sora Lella. So the food quality, warm atmosphere and our Roman family values remain the same."

Agi Kaja

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