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Meatless Farm Is Opening First-Ever Plant-Based Drive Thru

Meatless Farm Is Opening First-Ever Plant-Based Drive Thru

by Agi Kaja

The plant-based meat brand, Meatless Farm, is opening the UK’s first vegan drive-thru to target lockdown flexitarians and meat-reducers.

The new project is a part of the brand’s marketing campaign and message that says that going meat-free means “no compromise.” The M*** F*** provocative campaign aims at the growing number of consumers who say they switched to a more plant-based diet during lockdown.

“We are building a new category; next-generation meat alternatives are fast becoming a more frequent preference for meat-eaters. The relationship between out-of-home trends and retail purchase is strong. Our M*** F*** drive-thru is an opportunity to engage consumers, who perhaps haven’t tried plant-based before, to start on their journey,” says Michael Hunter, Chief Growth Officer.

Recent study conducted by the company revealed that 35 percent of Brits started eating more plant-based food during the lockdown, and the number is still growing. The demand for plant-based meat has been increasing month to month. Meatless Farm confirms that its sales increased by 179 percent this year.

The M*** F*** Drive Thru has been created in collaboration with street-food chain Mother Flipper. 

The menu features dishes that are vegan versions of the meaty classics. All the dishes are healthier and more sustainable than their meat counterparts. For the vegan version of the meals you have to ask without cheese.

The drive-thru is open for a trial in London, until Monday 31 August.

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