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Chef Gaz Oakley and TheVeganKind Team Up To Launch New Vegan Recipes Website

Chef Gaz Oakley and TheVeganKind Team Up To Launch New Vegan Recipes Website

by Agi Kaja

Delete all your recipes apps! From now on TheVeganKind Recipes will be your best friend in the kitchen and your ultimate source of vegan recipes. Plants have never been so cool!

TheVeganKind (TVK) have joined forces with Gaz Oakley - chef, author and founder of vegan food brand Avant Garde Vegan, to bring colour and flavour to your kitchens with the tastiest vegan recipes website. Gaz prepared a special video recipe featuring products from TVK Supermarket, and he shared it with 1.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Commenting on the launch, Gaz said: “I am really happy to be working with TheVeganKind to launch their new recipe site. With so many new vegan brands, products and food creators appearing by the day this site will really help inspire people to do a lot more plant-based cooking. Hope you like my launch recipe."

Innovative plant-based meat

TheVeganKind Recipes features delicious and healthy meals made with plant-based meats and vegan ingredients. On the new website, you will find all the food you dreamed of, from juicy burgers to succulent steaks to decadent cakes, and everything in between. All the dishes are 100% plant-based, full of flavour and insanely delicious to fulfil all your cravings. With these meals, TVK aims to inspire meat eaters and flexitarians to try vegan food and implement more plant-based dishes in their diets.

TVK has partnered with the most popular plant-based brands such as Meatless Farm, Mr Organic, Biona Organic, OGGS and Follow Your Heart for the launch.

Founded by Karris and Scott McCulloch in 2013, TheVeganKind is the biggest vegan e-commerce business in the UK. TVK is operating a full online supermarket, selling over 5,000 completely vegan and plant-based products and subscription boxes. TheVegaKind makes a vegan and more sustainable lifestyle easy and accessible to everyone.

Scott McCulloch, Co-Founder of TheVeganKind, says: “We are so excited to launch our new recipe site! Plant-based cuisine definitely makes you more adventurous in the kitchen. Rather than being limited in any way, you are actually exposed to a whole host of foods and tastes you may otherwise have not discovered. Cooking becomes so exciting! With so many awesome plant-based meat alternatives on the market, recreating traditionally non vegan recipes has never been easier! Get your apron on, it’s time to get creative!”

Cooking at home becomes a huge trend

According to latest reports, cooking at home is now one of the biggest trends coming after Covid-19 pandemic. Many people rediscovered the joy of cooking while staying at home during lockdown. TVK aims to bring the most innovative and exciting plant-based meals to the tables in every house across the country.

Karris McCulloch, Co-Founder of TheVeganKind, added: “Personally, I spend a lot of my time scrolling Instagram looking at pictures of delicious vegan food. So for me, launching TheVeganKind Recipes is one of the most exciting things we’ve done this year! We want to show everyone how easy it is to cook incredible plant-based food, and that you never feel like you’re missing out on anything! You won’t believe your eyes – the days of people assuming vegans just nibble on lettuce leaves are most definitely over. See you in the kitchen!’’

Rewards program - get points to buy ingredients 

TheVeganKind Recipes will be largely user-led with the TVK community supplying the recipes. Everyone can upload their best meals creations to the new website.

Users will earn reward points to be later spent on shopping in TheVeganKind Supermarket. Points are earned for creating an account, uploading your own vegan recipes and reviewing a recipe that you've tried. Every month TVK will choose a top-quality, creative dish – the lucky winner will win a Team TVK hoodie or jumper of their choice and a £25 TVK Supermarket voucher!

Future of shopping and plant-based food popularity

In 2019 alone, TVK Supermarket as shipped over 130,000 orders. So far in 2020 the business has experienced overwhelming growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to increased consumer demand for online delivery and easy access to vegan and plant-based products.

TheVeganKind boasts an engaged social following of 500,000, making it an attractive business for potential investors to get involved with. TheVeganKind was chosen as the UK’s Top Online Retailer for vegan shopping in The Vegan Food & Living Magazine Big Vegan Survey 2019 by its readers.

Gaz Oakley is one of the most popular vegan influencers today. He has published three bestselling plant-based cooking books: Vegan 100, Vegan Christmas and Plants Only Kitchen. His books are sold worldwide and translated into five different languages. In 2020 Gaz launched a vegan restaurant pop-up tour across the UK.

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