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Domino's Is Launching Vegan Pizzas And Vegan Garlic& Herb Dip

Domino's Is Launching Vegan Pizzas And Vegan Garlic& Herb Dip

by Agi Kaja

Takeaway chain Domino's has rolled out two vegan pizzas following a successful trial in 46 locations across the UK. 

From now on, the Vegan Margherita and the Vegan Vegi Supreme will be available on the menu of 1,200 Domino's outlets nationwide. The new pizzas come out alongside new vegan garlic and herb dip.

The Vegan Margherita is made with Domino's famous vine-ripened tomato sauce, and it features vegan cheese. The dairy-free cheese alternative was created by food innovation crew at Domino's.The pizza is topped with fresh tomatoes and a unique herb blend.

The Vegan Vegi Supreme is a vegan make-over of the chain's popular original. It comes with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, red peppers and sweetcorn.

Domino's is also adding a vegan-friendly version of its iconic garlic and herb dip in response to customers' requests.

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Agi Kaja

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