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Arsenal Star Hector Bellerin Invests In Vegan Football Club

Arsenal Star Hector Bellerin Invests In Vegan Football Club

by Agi Kaja

Arsenal footballer Hector Bellerin has invested in Forest Green Rovers - the world's first vegan football club on a path to creating a more sustainable future.

Bellerin, who has been following the vegan diet since 2016, said: "Forest Green are showing others the way." 

The football star ditched meat and dairy for health reasons, but admitted: 'sustainability of the environment and animal cruelty now motivate me just as much as health'. He believes that professional sportsmen have a responsibility to raise awareness around environmental issues and improve sustainability in the sport.

Commenting on the news, he said: "So many people feel there's no solution to the world's problems, but Forest Green are already doing plenty. I'm so excited to be part of the FGR family. I'll be helping where I can, supporting people who want to change the world for the better.

"When I first played Forest Green Rovers [in 2014], all I knew about them was that it was a long way from London! As I heard more about the club and its work, I knew I wanted to meet them and be part of it."

Forest Green Rovers is the world's first-ever entirely vegan and carbon-neutral football club. Hector Bellerin is now the second-largest shareholder in the club.

 Dale Vince, Forest Green Rovers chairman, said: "I like Hector's approach, his personal journey and the things he's trying to do - they make sense.

"I'm looking forward to working with him on FGR and this wider agenda we have a shared interest in."

Bellerin and Dale will be working together to 'raise the environmental agenda in football - among clubs, leagues and fans.'

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