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Starbucks Is Launching Vegan Whipped Cream

Starbucks Is Launching Vegan Whipped Cream

by Agi Kaja

Starbucks is set to launch vegan whipped cream in its coffee shops across the UK.

According to Vegan Food UK, the coffee giant will launch the new vegan option in October.
The group revealed the news on their Instagram.

They wrote: "October will see the launch of vegan whipped cream at Starbucks UK.

"'Finally', we hear you say. But let's hope it stays, because we need vegan whipped cream atop lattes and hot chocolates."

The post received positive reactions from fans celebrating the long-awaited vegan addition to the menu.

One of them wrote: "Long overdue but at least I can stop bringing my own."

Another added:  "Life is complete."

Starbucks has long offered plant-based milk and vegan syrups for lattes, but it's the first time the chain will add vegan whipped cream to the menu.

It has not been confirmed yet whether the offer will be only available during autumn or stay on the menu for good.

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