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IKEA Adds Vegan Dishes To Menu In Japan

IKEA Adds Vegan Dishes To Menu In Japan

by Agi Kaja

IKEA is adding a range of vegan meal options to the menu in its stores in Japan. 

The new menu includes a vegan katsu curry, vegan cabbage rolls, vegan lasagne, plant-based kebab salads, wraps and vegan chocolate mousse. The IKEA Bistro will also offer vegan hot dogs starting this month.

The furniture giant promises that its katsu curry made with soy-protein cutlet will satisfy every meat-eater.

The new menu is a part of IKEA’s commitment to becoming more sustainable.

Last month IKEA launched “plant balls ”in its stores located in Europe. "Plant balls" are 100% vegan meatballs made from yellow pea protein, oats, onion, apple and potatoes. The range will launch in the US by the end of September and Australia and Japan in October.

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