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Poland To Ban Fur Farming & Save 8 Million Animals

Poland To Ban Fur Farming & Save 8 Million Animals

by Agi Kaja

Massive victory for animals in Poland!
Polish lower house of parliament (Sejm) has voted in favour of banning fur farming. 

The move will spare over 8 million foxes, minks, racoon dogs and other animals kept on the farms and killed for fur.

Poland was the world's third-biggest fur producer until now. The Polish government was urged by nearly 90 thousand PETA supporters who sent messages to officials demanding the legislation change. PETA exposed and documented the cruelty in the fur industry in Poland number of times. 

Animals are raised and kept in overcrowded wire cages full of faeces. They are neglected and abused. They suffer injuries and diseases that are not treated. They go insane, move in circles and pace back and forth and scratch the cages' walls. At the end of their miserable lives, they are violently killed by electrocution, gassing or neck-breaking. 

Fur farms are also risky for public health. They are a potential source of zoonotic diseases that could easily transmit from animals to humans. Minks on a farm in the Netherland were tested positive for Covid-19. Fur farmworkers often suffer from zoonotic bacterial disease tularaemia.

The decision of Sejm has to be voted in the upper house of parliament and approved by the president.

So far, fur was banned in Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Luxemburg, Norway and the United Kingdom.

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Agi Kaja

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