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Applewood Vegan Cheese Sales Soar

Applewood Vegan Cheese Sales Soar

by Agi Kaja

Dairy giant Norseland launched Applewood Vegan in 2019, and the product has been a bestseller ever since.

A year after the launch, Norseland revealed that sales of the smoked vegan cheese  have risen by 16% month on month since July 2020 and now account for 20% of the total UK sales of Applewood.

Applewood Vegan is also the second most searched vegan product in the UK with online searches increased by 150% in April, according to a recent report from

Lisa Harrison, senior brand manager for Applewood Vegan, said: “It’s been a great year for Applewood Vegan. We had high hopes for the launch as in blind taste tests with vegans, conducted by Wirral Sensory Services, Applewood Vegan ticked all the boxes and scored significantly higher than other smoky cheese alternatives that are already on the market.

“So we knew that we had got the texture – it melts very well – and taste right, but the demand at the launch was incredible."

Following the success of Applewood Vegan, Norseland is preparing to launch more dairy-free cheese alternatives such as Mexicana vegan.

The company will also release a special Christmas vegan cheese board featuring three new cheese flavours including blue cheese and cheddar.

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