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Pieminister Launches New Vegan Pies

Pieminister Launches New Vegan Pies

by Agi Kaja

Right in time for autumn! 

Next week, the UK’s leading pie producer Pieminister is adding two new vegan pies to its product portfolio.
The new treats replicate the texture and flavour of the famous meaty pies but are made using entirely plant-based ingredients.

The vegan Mock-A-Doodle features pieces of Tofurky’s ‘chicken’, kale, leek, smoked garlic, sage, and the white wine sauce.

The Mooless Moo is a vegan version of Steak & Ale pie made with jackfruit, cracked black pepper, ale, and creamy gravy.

Commenting on the new products launch the brand said: “Our famous award-winning steak & ale pie… but completely plant-based? Yep, that’s right. A juicy VEGAN ‘steak’ and ale pie. Say whaaaaaaat?!

“We thought it was about time we made our bestselling Moo pie into a vegan version (and we reckon we’ve made our best plant-based pie yet!). Mooless Moo is filled to the brim with jackfruit ‘steak’, cracked black pepper, ale, and rich gravy all wrapped in our famous plant-based pastry. It’s so meaty without the meat, your most carnivorous friends will be thinking it’s a mis-steak.”

The new pies will launch on September 29 online and will be added on the menu at all Pieminister restaurants.

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