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The Vegan Society Launched Future Normal Campaign

The Vegan Society Launched Future Normal Campaign

by Agi Kaja

The Vegan Society launches a new campaign focused on animals and people’s relationship with them. The campaign aims to push both for individual behaviour change and for the policy change to create a kinder future for the animals.

Through the years we normalised animal exploitation and people who questioned it was considered radical or extremist. In recent years we focused on climate emergency and environmental issues. The politicians started taking climate change seriously while the animal cause is still a taboo.

Climate emergency, changing the food system and promoting plant-based diets is now on the political agenda. The animal organisations say it’s time to change the approach towards animal exploitation.

The Vegan Society is working to push to change the policy and call for animals to have the right to life, self authorised identity and the right to live their lives free without being exploited. The campaigners want to remind people that animals feel pain and emotions.

The organisation wants to help people to explore and reflect on their values, their relationship with animals, and their behaviour. The campaign targets ‘animal lovers’ and invites contemplation on a deep level, hoping this will result in meaningful, long-term changes.

The Promotion of the campaign includes social media ads. The Vegan Society worked with creative agency, Up. Together they created content to provoke thinking and encourage reflection and behavioural change.

The main video features children and animals and asks to think about the relationships with animals when we were children. The beautiful and joyful images are disrupted by the horrifying scenes of how animals are used in the food system. The contrast is compelling and aims to lead people to self-reflection.

The campaign was due to launch in April but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the lockdown, many people started re-thinking their lifestyle, and Future Normal will help them make long term changes and go on the path of veganism.

You can learn more here. 

Agi Kaja

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