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World's First Vegan Codfish Will Launch In The UK

World's First Vegan Codfish Will Launch In The UK

by Agi Kaja

Dutch food company Vegan Finest Food is launching the world's first vegan white fish - the codfish.

The company is the owner of Vegan ZeaStar brand that offers plant-based fish alternatives, vegan shrimps and calamari. The new product will be added to the menu at the restaurant chains De Beren and Vegan Junk Food Bar in October. It will be served in special batter replicating a traditional Dutch dish Lekkerbek.

Vegan Finest Foods has also developed a vegan remoulade sauce, especially for this codfish dish.

Codfish is one of the most popular fish in the world and therefore is heavily overfished, leading the cod nearly to extinction.

Vegan Finest Foods wants to solve this global problem by developing plant-based fish alternatives that perfectly mimic the texture and flavour of real fish to attract more seafood consumers.

Its ZeaStar vegan sashimi tuna and salmon were awarded Peta Vegan Food Awards earlier this year. The company is planning to release more products in the coming six months.

Rody van Kuijen, co-owner of Vegan Finest Foods said: "Our mission was not to leave the frequent fish eater behind the net. The biggest challenge in creating a sustainable successor for fish is the structure. We have therefore worked for a long time on the correct flaky structure of the Lekkerbeck. The first reactions are very positive, and now everyone can taste our first vegan whitefish. "

The vegan codfish will be soon available in supermarkets across the Netherlands. The product will be launched in the UK under the name Tasty Codd.

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