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Nando’s Is Launching Vegan Chicken Tomorrow

Nando’s Is Launching Vegan Chicken Tomorrow

by Agi Kaja

Restaurant chain Nando’s is launching plant-based chicken.

The Great Imitator will launch tomorrow in restaurants across the UK. The meat-free chicken is made with pea protein and will be available in burger and pitta with Nando’s signature vegan Perinaise.

The ingredients are entirely animal-free, but Nando’s prefers to call the new offering plant-based because it’s cooked on the same grill as meat. 

In a statement published on the website, the company says: “[W]e do take rigorous steps to segregate our non-meat products from our meat products. We choose a specific part of the grill for our non-meat products and we use separate utensils for them too.”

Although many vegans may not want to try the new The Great Imitator, it is a perfect choice for a growing number of flexitarians* and reducetarians*.

With the new launch, the chain is meeting the demand for vegan food. More and more Brits choose vegan options thinking about the environment, health and animals.

Animal charity PETA has been urging Nando’s to add vegan meat to its menu since 2016 and now fully supports the company launching a plant-based version of chicken. The charity says it's also ‘an excellent choice for vegans.’ The Great Imitator is prepared without harm and it’s a huge win for animals.

*flexitarian - a person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish.

*reducetarian - a person who wants to help the planet by reducing eating meat and dairy [

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