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Brands From TheVeganKind Supermarket Awarded Best Vegan Products By PETA

Brands From TheVeganKind Supermarket Awarded Best Vegan Products By PETA

by Agi Kaja

As the vegan food goes mainstream PETA announced the winners of its Vegan Food Awards 2020. 

PETA's awards highlight some of the most amazing new products available in the UK.

Some of the winners are listed on the UK's biggest vegan online store TheVeganKind Supermarket which is a product launch platform for the compassionate and innovative brands such as OGGS, Meatless Farm, Considerit and many more.

Last month, TheVeganKind scaled up the business and moved to a much bigger warehouse to meet with the ever-growing demand for vegan food.

Check out the winners and try the most exciting vegan products of the year:

Best Vegan Meat - Meatless Farm Mince

Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 15.45.36

Meatless Farm mince is a M... F... vegan meat! This plant-based meat alternative makes excellent meatballs, delicious taco or lasagne filling, or can be added to every pasta dish. It's made using soy, pea, and rice protein, and perfectly mimics the traditional meat in texture and taste.

Best Vegan Cheese - Violife Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour

Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 15.45.45

Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour is a must-try for every cheese lover. One of Violife's most popular cheeses, it imitates mature Cheddar, with its intense flavour and perfect crumbly texture. And it melts like the real thing!

Best Vegan Cake - OGGS Victoria Sponge Cakes

Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 15.46.20

These fluffy vegan cake delights are filled with raspberry jam and covered with vanilla frosting. They were made using OGGS instead of eggs and therefore are better for everyone, especially the hens.

Best Vegan Doughnuts - Considerit

Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 16.07.14

We love Considerit doughnuts so will you! These vegan treats are available at TVK Supermarket every Thursday, and once you try them, you will be there every week at 2 pm to order more and enjoy new flavours. Trust us on that!

Best Vegan Milk - Mighty Pea Original

Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 15.45.55

This cruelty-free milk is better for you and for the planet. Mighty Pea is made with yellow split pea instead of a cow. It is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. Smooth and creamy suits perfectly well with your coffee not only in the morning. And it tastes much better than any dairy milk.

Best Vegan Chocolate - Moo Free Cinder Toffee

Screenshot 2020 10 14 at 12.49.31

Moo Free
cow free chocolate will melt in your mouth and leave you speechless.
It is a perfect treat for chocolate lovers who like sweet, light, and crunchy. You will ask for more! 

Best Vegan Luxury Product - I AM NUT OK Foiegeddaboutit Truffle & Mushroom Faux Gras Pâté

Screenshot 2020 10 14 at 12.47.27

Foiegeddaboutit Truffle & Mushroom Faux Gras Pâté is made with porcini (boletus) mushrooms and black truffles. It will make your meals luxuriously delicious. I AM NUT OK is proving that any food product can be made better and without the suffering of animals. 

Best Vegan Cookbook - Speedy BOSH! by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby

Screenshot 2020 10 14 at 12.46.01

Speedy BOSH! has over 100 recipes, all of which take less than 30 minutes to make. With this book, cooking at home is fast and easy. Coming soon to TheVeganKind Supermarket! 

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