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UK Startup Launches Refillable Plant-Based Deodorant

UK Startup Launches Refillable Plant-Based Deodorant

by Agi Kaja

London-based company Fussy has designed a range of sustainable refillable plant-based deodorants in reusable containers.

The project was launched on Kickstarter and had already exceeded its goal €5,348 raising nearly €60,000. The brand had created a range of five unique containers made from corn-based bioplastic and five plant-based deodorant formulas. The five products include a processed probiotic for odour control, including one unscented. The design includes a refill wrapped in compostable bioplastic made with waste sugarcane.

Fussy was founded by husband and wife team Eddie and Bethany Fisher who saw a gap in the refills market. The brand sees a huge potential growth on the market targeting to planet conscious Generation Z who are interested in more sustainable alternatives.

Eddie Fisher, co-founder of Fussy, told CosmeticDesign-Europe: “A lot of natural cosmetics companies play into this earthy, hand-crafted type design and you can sort of stray into the world of hippy, whereas we wanted to create something that looked fresh, cool; for the Instagram generation in bright, ‘poppy’ colours.”

“We wanted to bring sustainability to the masses, and by bringing this strong look, hopefully it can create real change,”​ he said.

Eddie’s wife and company’s co-founder Bethany Fisher added: “With the look, we wanted it to be gender neutral – it’s just for everyone (…) It’s a product that, hopefully, will go to a broad range of people who want to put it in their bathroom, on the shelf, with pride.”​

When you buy a Fussy deodorant with an outer case, priced at around €8 (£7) for the first time you subscribe to have refills (€5.50/£5 each) delivered to their doorstep.

“We went for that price because we wanted to make as much of an impact as possible,”​ Bethany Fisher said. “It was important that it could be mass market.”​

To lower the company’s carbon footprint, Fussy will deliver three refills every three months.

The brand has plans to expand and roll out more products in the future.

“We’re going to be looking at innovative formulations and botanicals; we want to really get a huge array of different refills to cater to different people, and develop the scents,”​ they said.

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