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Vegan Brand Moo Free To Launch White Chocolate Advent Calendar

Vegan Brand Moo Free To Launch White Chocolate Advent Calendar

by Agi Kaja

Popular dairy-free chocolate brand Moo Free is launching an advent calendar featuring 24 white chocolate candies.

The company says it releases the new product in response to increasing demand for white vegan chocolate.

Moo Free’s white chocolate is perfect for those with allergies. It contains no gluten and no soy.

Currently, the company is going through a rebranding aimed to appeal to a bigger number of customers who are non-vegan.

CEO, Andrea Jessop told in a statement, “There’s a real buzz around this new calendar – word has somehow got out and people are asking about it all the time. Vegan white chocolate is notoriously hard to get right but our recipe really seems to hit the mark. Our white chocolate products sell really well.”

White Chocolate Moo Free Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for white chocolate lovers!

The calendar is available for purchase in TheVeganKind Supermaket. You will find it here.

Agi Kaja

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