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Vegan Vending Machines In Hospitals Offer Hot Meals To NHS Staff

Vegan Vending Machines In Hospitals Offer Hot Meals To NHS Staff

by Agi Kaja

Hillingdon Hospital in London has now a vegan vending machine with 18 vegan meals that can be bought by NHS workers during their long shifts. 

The meals can be warmed up in a microwave or cooked inside the machine for about four minutes. Each meal costs up to £4.95. The menu is designed to be healthy and fulfilling and to provide the hospital workers with the energy they need when battling with ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The hot meals vending machine was installed in a collaboration between vegan ready meals brand Vibrant Vegan and vending machine seller Open Kitchen Co.

Vibrant Vegan is a meal subscription plan company that sells its meals across the UK. The brand will provide the dishes and fill up the machine.

As we all know, the NHS has been doing an incredible job of keeping the country afloat during this terrible pandemic, and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Open Kitchen Co. to try and make a difference—we’re confident the partnership is going to improve the quality of NHS staff diets across the country,” Vibrant Vegan founder Iain Burke-Hamilton said.

Vibrant Vegan plans to install at least 500 machines in hospitals across the UK by 2023.

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