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One Planet Pizza Unveils Vegan Christmas Pizza

One Planet Pizza Unveils Vegan Christmas Pizza

by Agi Kaja

Tired of turkey? Bored of nut roast? It’s time you put pizza at the centre of your dining table this Christmas.

One Planet Pizza have launched a new festive pizza, featuring the vegan ham roast and plant-based turkey from iconic vegan brand Tofurky.

The Crustmas Feast features a fluffy base coated in homemade tomato sauce infused with winter herbs, topped with roasted red onion, Tofurky ham roast pieces, shredded Tofurky turkey, blue style cheeze, mature cheddar style cheeze and spoons of sweet cranberry sauce and finished with brussels sprouts.

According to recent studies, just 52% of consumers want a traditional roast for Christmas Dinner, and 18% of Brits who’d rather have a pizza for their Christmas Day meal.

Co-founder of One Planet Pizza, Joe Hill, said: “We’ve wanted to create a Christmas special for a long time – something that would shake up your traditional dinner and make you re-think your centrepiece! The Crustmas Feast is going to be an exciting addition to the festive menus of plant-based eaters this Christmas, and will save a few real turkey’s feathers from being plucked as well as ruffling a few amongst your close ones! Even better, our packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable – even Scrooge would crack a smile at that.”

One Planet Pizza, the UK’s first plant-based frozen pizza company, was founded in 2016 by father and son team Mike and Joe Hill. They believe in making “pizza with purpose”, helping to change people’s perceptions of plant-based food through the power of pizza, with sustainability and the health of the planet at the heart of everything One Planet Pizza does.


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