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Impossible Foods Is Developing The Ultimate Plant-Based Milk

Impossible Foods Is Developing The Ultimate Plant-Based Milk

by Agi Kaja

American plant-based food producer Impossible Foods announced its working on the ultimate functional plant-based milk.

The start up is developing milk made from plants that would be identical to dairy milk. The new vegan milk will mimic dairy milk in terms of texture, taste, and functionality. 

The product is still in the development phase, and the company did not reveal when it would be ready to roll it out to the market.

Impossible Foods Senior Flavor Scientist Laura Kilman demonstrated the product prototype during a special online conference. She poured the milk into hot coffee, showing that the Impossible milk did not separate the way many current plant-based milks do.

Impossible Foods is also hiring food scientists in order to disrupt the global food system and stop animal agriculture. The company’s new hiring initiative called Impossible Investigator Project will double the number of scientists working in the research and development team.

This year, the Impossible Foods raised an additional $700 million to its investment capital, reaching $1.5 billion in total since the company was founded in 2011. The company will use the money for further research and development of new meat alternatives, including plant-based bacon, plant-based steak, plant-based fish and plant-based milk.

The move aims to accelerate the company’s mission of replacing all animal-derived foods by 2035.

This week Impossible debuted on the international retail market launching its plant-based meat alternatives in Asia. The Impossible meat vegan meat substitutes are now available in 200 stores in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Agi Kaja

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