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British Brand Crackd Is Launching Liquid Egg Replacement

British Brand Crackd Is Launching Liquid Egg Replacement

by Agi Kaja

UK plant-based food startup Crackd has developed a cold-pressed liquid plant-based egg alternative and aims to revolutionise vegan cooking.

The vegan egg substitute is made with pea protein and can be used for baking in sweet and savoury recipes and for cooking to bind the ingredients. The liquid form allows it to be used to make frittatas and omelettes.

The vegan egg is fortified with vitamin B12. The ingredients are cold-pressed in order to retain all the nutrients and flavour.

The new product is a result of a joint venture between food development consultants Bingham and Jones and fresh food supplier Noble Foods and is sure to make a splash.

Crackd is the first liquid vegan egg alternative made from pea protein on the British market.

Commenting on the launch, the brand said: “There had been “no choice for a vegan-friendly liquid egg replacement that doesn’t compromise on taste, versatility and ease of use.”

“One reason for this lack of consumer choice is the sheer difficulty of creating a new product with the versatility of eggs… an egg replacement would need to be able to help create anything from fluffy sponges to gooey brownies and even golden Yorkshires”.

The new egg substitute will roll out at TheVeganKind in December and will be priced at £3.99.

Agi Kaja

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