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TheVeganKind Supermarket Named One of the Best Stores for Online Grocery Shopping

TheVeganKind Supermarket Named One of the Best Stores for Online Grocery Shopping

by Agi Kaja

Sustainable Delivery Guide named TheVeganKind Supermarket one of the best options for online grocery in the UK. The guide created by plant-based milk brand Good Hemp selects the most sustainable choices for consumers in London.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and lockdown led many people to rethink their consumption. Good Hemp wanted to raise awareness on building better food habits for the future. The brand made a Londoner’s guide of all the best food delivery services during the lockdown. The guide includes vegan recipes and ideas for growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs while living in the city. 

The guide points you towards some great independent and sustainable businesses located in your area. The online grocery shops will provide you with all the necessary ingredients, and the recipes will help the readers get inspired and start cooking at home during the lockdown.

The Good Hemp is a small and sustainable business established in 1998. The company offers healthy food and drinks out of hemp seeds – one of the most sustainable food sources on the planet. They make hemp milk, hemp protein, and hemp oil to replace your everyday olive, along with CBD oils and milks. Dairy-free hemp milk is a delicious milk alternative that can be used in many applications including, cooking, baking and hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

With the new guide, the brand aims to make sustainable food more accessible for regular consumers. With online shops such as TheVeganKind Supermarket, you can get your products delivered straight to your door.

TheVeganKind is a family business run by husband and wife Scott and Karris McCulloch. Their mission is to make vegan food accessible to everyone. The company has recently launched a plant-based recipe website, expanded their operations and moved the headquarters to a much bigger warehouse which now includes the largest vegan fridge in the world. 

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