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UK's First Vegan Butcher Sells Out On Its First Day

UK's First Vegan Butcher Sells Out On Its First Day

by Agi Kaja

Rudy's Vegan Butcher serving plant-based meat alternatives opened its doors on the World's Vegan Day and sold out on its first day. The shop received 100 online orders in ten minutes.

Rudy's Vegan Butcher is the first permanent vegan 'butcher' in the country.  It opened on 1st November in Islington, north London, to serve vegan chicken, bacon, chicken, and turkey that are made from soy protein and seitan.

The product range includes pastrami, burgers, chilli-non-carne, a rack of jack, lobstah salad, meatballs, chick'n lover pate, cheeze sauce and shredded BBQ pulled porc.

On the launch day, the store gave away 100lbs of free baycon to the first 200 customers.

Rudy's shared a video of the huge queue for the butchers on Instagram, and wrote: 'This was the line at 10:54am before we even opened and it didn't slow down for hours! 100 online orders in the first ten minutes!

'Thank you to everyone who stopped by, messaged with love, ordered online and and shouted out our news. It was an unbelievable turn out.

'We are so blessed to have your support and feel overwhelmed by all the love. THANK YOU, thank you a million times and more.'

Rudy's Butcher iScreenshot 2020 11 05 at 18.50.29s just a part of the larger business. The owners also run a restaurant in Camden that sells plant-based DIY kits at home.

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