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Greggs Adds Vegan Mince Pies To Christmas Menu

Greggs Adds Vegan Mince Pies To Christmas Menu

by Agi Kaja

High street bakery Greggs has added a new vegan offering to its indulgent Christmas menu.

The new offering is made with a shortcrust pastry filled with sweet vegan mince made with vine fruits, apples, candied lemon and orange peel.

The Christmas pies are available in selected stores across the UK at 59p each or a box of six for £1.75.

The group called Vegan Food UK that revealed the news on Instagram described the new pies as the “flattest” and the “best shop-bought” pies they’ve tasted so far.

The vegan item retails at £1.75 for one box containing six sweet mince pies or two boxes for £3.

Following the new lockdown restrictions in the UK Greggs made its new Christmas 2020 menu, available for delivery via Just Eat.

Greggs has been regularly launching vegan items. Last year, its vegan sausage roll became one of Greggs’ fastest-selling products ever. This year, the bakery launched a vegan-friendly version of steak bake and glazed ring doughnut.

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