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Beyond Meat Rolls Out New Healthier Burgers

Beyond Meat Rolls Out New Healthier Burgers

by Agi Kaja

Beyond Meat has announced today that it would be launching new burgers in 2021.

The company claims that the new burgers are juicier and healthier. The contain much less saturated fat than normal meat.

Beyond Meat says its new  juicier burger version has 35 percent less saturated fat than the average traditional beef burger. The other burger version has even 55 percent less saturated fat but because of the low fat it is slightly less juicy. The new burgers also maintain the same flavour and are lower in calories.

To create the new plant-based patties Beyond modified the way peas, beans, oils, and grains are processed and layered into the final product. 

The new products is targeted at consumers who are looking for healthier options and those who simply want to reduce meat consumption. Beyond says the new burgers will satisfy the meat lovers.

The burgers will be available for tasting at events in Los Angeles during the weekend November 18th - 20th.  

Last week, Beyond Meat revealed that it co-created  McDonald’s newly announced “McPlant” plant-based burger. 

Agi Kaja

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