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The Rise Of Plant-Based Protein

The Rise Of Plant-Based Protein

by Agi Kaja

Why should you eat more plant-based protein? The short explanation would be because 'you are what you eat'. Another reason is because our planet cannot support billions of meat-eaters. Meat eaters are the ones that should replace animal protein with plant-based protein for the sake of our planet. And they are doing it. The plant-based protein is becoming the new normal.  

There are a lot more potential drivers responsible for why the plant based protein products have become so popular.

Even though veganism saw a tremendous growth during 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic has only further increased the popularity of vegan food and plant-based diets. Many people stayed at home during lockdown and spent more time rethinking their food habits and lifestyle, focusing more on what they eat and what products they choose.  A lot of consumers became aware of healthy lifestyle and decided to cut back on their meat consumption.

Health is one of the main reasons why people decide to stop eating meat. Meat is responsible for severe illnesses including diebetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. During Covid-19 pandemic consumers chose to buy less meat also for safety reasons. Meat and the way we deal with it creates perfect conditions for the spread of viruses and zoonotic diseases. 

An increased number of people are looking at ways to stay healthy and in better shape. Changing the diet seems the easiest option during the lockdown when many gyms and outdoor activities are not available for everyone. Many people also started cooking at home. ‘Recipes’ was one of top 5 searches on Google during lockdown.

More people worry about climate emergency and choose more sustainable food options when shopping. The total production of meat and dairy is responsible for 30% greenhouse emissions. Reducing meat consumption could drastically cut the emissions. Famous environmentalist like Sir David Attenborough and Jane Goodall are urging people to reduce meat-eating.

According to meatless Farm if British families were to ditch one red meat meal for plant-based meal once a week it would cut the UK’s greenhouse emissions by 50m tonnes per year (equivalent of 16 million cars).

Following the pressure from conscious consumers many popular food brands are becoming eco-friendly and started offering plant-based alternatives. The new innovative plant-based products don't compromise on taste. They mimic meat and dairy in looks, flavour and texture. Some of the best ones are made in a way that consumers would not see the difference. The companies work with some of the best flavour creators and food scientists in the world. They develop plant-based meat alternatives that are hyper realistic and delicious in flavour and come to the consumers with a minimum impact on nature.

The demand for vegan and plant-based products is on the ever high rise. The old hippie stigma of veganism is definitely getting to be a thing of the past. Offering people health benefits and sustainability veganism has become ever-more popular. The latest poll conducted by shows that over two percent of the UK population are currently vegan – this number is expected to grow in the next months.  

Agi Kaja

Agi Kaja

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