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TheVeganKind Added Special Plant-based Collection Aimed To Help Meat-Eaters Find Best Vegan Products

TheVeganKind Added Special Plant-based Collection Aimed To Help Meat-Eaters Find Best Vegan Products

by Agi Kaja

UK’s leading vegan online retailer TheVeganKind Supermarket has launched a special plant-based products collection aimed at meat-eaters, flexitarians, vegetarian and vegan curious who try to reduce their meat consumption and want to try vegan products.

The new collection includes the best plant-based alternatives to meat and cheese. The listed products are hyper realistic and perfectly mimic the flavour and texture of traditional dairy products and meat. All of them are 100 per cent vegan and most of them come with the Vegan Society label.

TheVeganKind team chose the best products available on the UK market and put them together into a special collection. The products were chosen based on texture, flavour, looks and the quality. A very important factor was how the product can be used for preparing meals and cooking at home. This way all the customers who visit our store looking for highest quality vegan meat and cheese have quick access to the best brands in one place.

The collection includes plant-based milks made from oats, pea and soy, featuring Oatly Barista, Alpro Protein, Sproud Unsweetened. These milk have the best customer reviews and perform exceptionally when added to hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

Among the best plant-based meat alternatives customers will find the vegan 'bleeding' Beyond Burger, THIS Isnt Chicken and THIS Isn't bacon, Meatless Farm Mince and Sausages. These meat substitutes can be used in normal daily cooking successfully replacing meat. They  can be used in many applications including pastas, pies, lasagne, pizza, stews and many others. 

The super realist cheese selection includes products from KindaCo, Mouse Favourite and I'm NUT OK. With these plant-based cheese made with natural ingredients no non-vegans will miss the cheese!

The quality of vegan products have changed drastically in the last years. Vegan companies work with the world's best food scientist and flavour specialist to create amazing innovative products which don't compromise on taste. 

The products in the new TVK collection will convince the biggest meat and milk lovers to include more plant-based products in their daily shopping and diet. 

Agi Kaja

Agi Kaja

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