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Vegan Pub Wins Best Sunday Roast Award

Vegan Pub Wins Best Sunday Roast Award

by Agi Kaja

The Roundhill Pub scooped award for Best Sunday Roast in the Brighton Restaurant Awards.

The vegan pub was awarded for its Sunday special and beat out all traditional meat dishes.

The award-winning nut roast is made with roasted potatoes with herbs and garlic, maple glazed parsnips, braised red cabbage and beets, vegan cauliflower cheese, carrot, swede mash, tenderstem broccoli, Yorkshire pudding, and red wine jus.

The award verdict says: “Relatively new to the playing field and with a pretty niche market, The Roundhill has smashed the ball out the park on this one.”

“Coming in at first place as the venue serving Brighton’s best Sunday roast is a monumental achievement for this family-run community pub. The Roundhill serves an exclusively plant-based food and drinks menu which has proven that there is more to the perfect roast than goose fat potatoes.”

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