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Customers Love This Legendary Vegan Christmas Selection Box

Customers Love This Legendary Vegan Christmas Selection Box

by Agi Kaja

This legendary Vegan Christmas Selection Box is a must-have this Christmas!

This year's TheVeganKind Supermarket's Christmas hamper offers some all-time favourites and some new yummy vegan goodies to add to the mix.

TVK team selected outstanding products from the best vegan brands available  in the UK and put them together in one delightful box. TheVeganKind Christmas Box is filled with some of the absolute greatest, exciting and most talked about vegan products in 2020! 

If you are looking for vegan gifts, this vegan hamper makes it a perfect vegan Christmas present to your family and friends. You will spoil your loved ones with this vegan indulgence hidden in a small box. 

    The box includes:

    • Buttermilk - Salted Caramel Cups Pouch - rich and creamy dairy-free chocolate cups filled with coconut caramel and sea salt. Wonderfully velvety and moreish
    • Rhythm 108 - Sweet 'N' Salty Almond Mylk Choc - Swiss organic, gluten-free chocolate bar filled with oat and almond butter.
    • Love Raw - Cre&m Filled Chocolate Wafer Bars - the newest plant-based creation from Love Raw is made with crunchy, delicious wafers covered in vegan milk chocolate and filled with irresistible hazelnut cream.
    • Miiro - Crisp-Coated Signature Chocolates With A Peanut Heart - crispy vegan M&Ms made with peanuts coated in delicious chocolate.
    • Mallow Puffs - Salted Caramel Marshmallows Dunked In Belgian Dark Chocolate - a yummy super-puffy mallow covered in vegan chocolate not only for vegans.
    • Whitakers - Orange Fondant Creams - a family favourite for generations and enjoyed around the world today. Smooth fondant centres flavoured with the finest natural Orange flavour, enrobed in Whitakers signature 55% dark chocolate for an unforgettable taste. 
    • Candy cane - classic Christmas handmade treat made by stretching and rolling sugar syrup. This festive candy cane sits perfectly on any Christmas tree or in a stocking.

    The customers and fans love TheVeganKind selection box and praise it in their comments and reviews, naming It the best vegan Christmas box ever.

    'Exactly what I wanted. Great product, really happy with everything included in the box,' said one of the buyers.

    One customer wrote: ‘So good I bought three of them.'

    Another one commented:  'Good variety. Absolutely delicious.Great range of treats at a great deal'. Another one added: 'Vegan Hamper, great products, excellent quality.'

    TheVeganKind Christmas Selection Box is available at regular price  £14.99 here. Treat yourself and your family with a luxury, indulgent selection of vegan chocolate all popped together in one lovely little box.


    Agi Kaja

    Agi Kaja

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