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Rebel Kitchen & James Hoffmann Partner To Launch Plant-Based Milk For Coffee Lovers

Rebel Kitchen & James Hoffmann Partner To Launch Plant-Based Milk For Coffee Lovers

by Agi Kaja

World-renowned coffee expert James Hoffmann and plant-based milk brand Rebel Kitchen teamed up to create new Barista Mylk, specifically for use in coffee.

The first no-compromise dairy alternative for coffee lovers is launching right in time for Veganuary 2021.

Barista Mylk was developed with the help of coffee expert James Hoffmann who made it taste and work just like dairy milk in coffee, unlike other plant-based alternatives. It performs like cow's milk when foamed and poured.

The recipe took 146 iterations and countless hours of rigorous testing with James Hoffmann to achieve the perfect balance of ingredients to ensure it both tasted and performed like dairy milk in all types of coffee.

The final recipe contains organic ingredients which have been minimally processed, such as Oat for smoothness, Coconut Cream for creaminess and Faba Bean for savouriness.

Barista Mylk is free from nuts, preservatives, thickeners, stabilisers and refined sugars.

According to the brand's report, 43% of coffee drinkers who haven't tried a dairy alternative in coffee won't consider the more sustainable option, unless it tastes like dairy milk. With the new creation, the company is aiming to attract coffee lovers to try it with plant-based milk.

"Dairy alternatives used to mean compromise, be it in taste or experience, or for the Barista in the texture of the drink or the latte art they pour. Working with Rebel Kitchen we've created a sustainable alternative that isn't a compromise, which creates perfectly lasting latte art" said James Hoffmann, Barista Champion and author of The World Atlas of Coffee in the statement sent to TheVeganKind. "I'm excited to get it into the hands of Baristas and into the cups of coffee drinkers everywhere".

Rebel Kitchen is 100% carbon neutral, donates 1% of its revenue to projects that support regenerative organic agriculture and is a certified B Corporation. Rebel Kitchen was also voted the No.1 Dairy Alternatives brand for Sustainability in a 'Whereform' consumer survey, notably scoring higher than Oatly & Alpro.

"Rebel Kitchen is a genuinely better and alternative for Baristas and coffee drinkers looking for a more ethical brand," said Ben Arbib, co-founder of Rebel Kitchen. "Our BCorp certification proves that we never settle for anything less than the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency" he added.

Rebel Kitchen Barista Mylk will launch 1st of January 2021 and will be backed by nationwide sampling and a rebellious marketing campaign.

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