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Best Traditional Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

Best Traditional Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

by Agi Kaja

This year traditional Christmas dinner goes vegan!

Vegan mince pies

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Great start to your Christmas meal! Savoury mince pies filled with tasty mushrooms, cranberries and sage.

Recipes here.

Vegan Yorkshire puddings

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Yorkshire puddings make a great addition to Sunday roast. e These crunchy-on-the-outside and fluffy-on-the-inside puddings are perfect for soaking up all the gravy.

Vegan Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding

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Amazing indulgent vegan version of traditional Christmas pudding! Made with some orange citrus notes and a dark, rich chocolate topping. Serve with plant-based ice-cream or cream for the perfect vegan Christmas dessert. This recipe makes 1 pudding.Recipe here.

Vegan Panettone

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Italian Christmas dessert on your table! This Vegan Panettone will become one of your family favourites! The recipe make 1 loaf 
Recipe here.

Vegan N*TELLA Christmas Yule log

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Vegan chocolate Yule log - Christmas classic with vegan twist. You whole family will love it!

Check the recipe here. 

Vegan Eggnog 

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This creamy vegan eggnog is one of our favourite Christmas dinks. Cheers!

Recipe here. 

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