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Tofurky Roast Sales Surged 500% Before Christmas 2020

Tofurky Roast Sales Surged 500% Before Christmas 2020

by Agi Kaja

Forget boring traditional Christmas meals! 

Christmas dinner looked a lot different last year, with many Brits starting cooking vegan at home, cutting down on traditional meat and replacing it with a plant-based meat roast. 

Latest research by The Vegan Society unveiled that more than one in four Britons planned to eat more plant-based food at Christmas last year and supermarkets reported strong sales alternative before festive season.

TheVeganKind revealed that the sales of Tofurky roast, which is the most popular vegan roast in the world, increased by 500% in 2020 comparing to 2019. 

Tofurky has been selling its plant-based turkey roast since 1995.  Made from wheat gluten and tofu and filled with wild rice stuffing, the product is sold on its own or with vegan gravy. 

This year's sales jump is caused by a higher demand coming directly from the consumers. Demand for Tofurky holiday products has been growing fast because more people started following plant-based and flexitarian diets in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. 

With Covid-19 cases surging across the country and national lockdowns, many people decided to stay at home for Christmas dinner and find alternatives to traditional meat dishes. 

According to Plant-Based Food Associated sales of plant-based foods jumped 90% year over year in mid-March in the US, when some regions introduced lockdown because of the pandemic. 

Jaime Athos, CEO and president of Tofurky said that the pandemic may have accelerated interest in the product from home cooks. 
"Once you have control over the food preparation, then you can start indulging in this thing you've heard about, this plant-based trend," he said.

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