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Vegan Shopping Made Easier and Cheaper - TheVeganKind Unveils No Fees Membership Programme

Vegan Shopping Made Easier and Cheaper - TheVeganKind Unveils No Fees Membership Programme

by Agi Kaja

The UK’s biggest vegan online retailer TheVeganKind Supermarket (TVKS) aims to be your one and only plant-based products supplier and offers you a programme that helps you save time and money, and makes your busy life easier.

  • TheVeganKind is launching a membership programme for subscribers
  • TVK+ requires no fees and no minimum spend 
  • The new service will be available exclusively to subscribers of TheVeganKind’s monthly boxes
  • First 1,500 TVK+ chilled orders will receive free Crackd The No-Egg Egg Replacer

TheVeganKind launches TVK+ programme, offering customers an amazing vegan shopping experience and giving them access to unlimited deals on thousands of plant-based products stocked by TVKS with no extra annual fees and no minimum spend. So whether you want to buy small daily groceries or fill up your kitchen cupboard in one order, you can get plant-based products with much lower prices. Additionally, thanks to special partnerships with brands members will be able to access new products before their official launch on the market. The first 1,500 orders will receive a free Crackd - the UK's first plant-based liquid egg replacer. 

Available exclusively to subscribers of TheVeganKind’s monthly boxes TVK+ programme offers:

  • Regular immediate discounts on vegan grocery products
  • Regular immediate discounts on vegan cosmetics and households goods
  • Exclusive access to new product launches and occasional special deals
  • Exclusive content
  • No minimum spend required
  • No hidden fees

The TVK+ programme is available for customers who have an active TVK monthly box subscription whether it’s a Lifestyle Box or a Beauty Box and are also customers of TVK Supermarket. All subscribers will automatically become TVK+ members. With the new programme TVK wants to make vegan online shopping a regular and cheaper experience instead of occasional indulgence. The company wants to deepen loyalty among customers who already shop and attract new ones curious about plant-based lifestyle.

Scott McCulloch, CEO and co-founder of TheVeganKind, says: “We are really proud and excited to be launching this revolutionary loyalty scheme! We value our customers immensely and are always thinking of creative ways in which we can benefit them. With TVK+, we are doing just that, but what we are launching now is just the beginning.”

TheVeganKind was founded in 2013 by Karris and Scott McCulloch with the mission to make vegan products more accessible to all. The company has been expanding its operations  year on year to keep with the growing consumers' demand. This year, the business moved to new headquarters and a much bigger warehouse and has what is believed to be the biggest, entirely vegan fridge in the world! 

TheVeganKind Supermarket stocks thousands of plant-based food products, dairy- free and meat-free alternatives, cruelty-free cosmetics and household goods, vegan pet products, supplements, books and gifts and more. TheVeganKind now focuses on bringing vegan lifestyle and products to the mainstream. With next day shipping to mainland UK, and free delivery for orders over £65, it’s the perfect place to grab your vegan and plant based goodies. Customers also earn points for every purchase with their Vegan Rewards system, to redeem against future orders! 

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