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Mummy Meagz’ Sell-Out Vegan Crème Eggs Are Back To Help The Nation Celebrate Veganuary

Mummy Meagz’ Sell-Out Vegan Crème Eggs Are Back To Help The Nation Celebrate Veganuary

by Agi Kaja

Just in time for Veganuary, cult vegan chocolatier, Mummy Meagz, is bringing back the Chuckie Egg – her famous plant-based crème egg which sold out in stores around the country last year.

In 2020, sweet-toothed shoppers bought the Chuckie Egg at a rate of one every thirty seconds, leaving shelves in stores around the country bare. News of the product went viral online, and this year Mummy Meagz is preparing herself for even more vegan excitement as the Chuckie Egg returns to shops and online retailers.

Crack open the dark Belgian chocolate shell to reveal a smooth white fondant centre, complete with golden yolk. Each 40g egg comes nestled in Mummy Meagz’ signature blue foil, making them perfect for creating your own vegan Easter Egg hunt – or simply popping into a bag or lunchbox for a springtime snack.

Meagan Boyle, co-founder of Mummy Meagz, says: “The Chuckie Egg has become an iconic vegan product. People love enjoying one of their favourite childhood treats again, safe in the knowledge that animals have not been harmed through its production. Vegan consumers have higher expectations than ever, so by offering a product that rivals the dairy-based version, we’re confident that the Chuckie Egg will appeal to everyone's sweet tooth, vegan or otherwise.”

The Chuckie Egg is approved by The Vegan Society, so both chocolate lovers and those gifting to others during Veganuary or Easter can be reassured that the products are made without animal products. All Mummy Meagz products are free of Genetically Modified Organisms and contain only responsibly sourced palm oil, as certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). 

The Chuckie Egg is available online through TheVeganKind Supermarket from Friday 15th January 2021. 

All Mummy Meagz treats are vegan – and kinder to animals, health and the environment – because nobody’s sweet tooth should suffer due to lifestyle, or dietary choices. Every product is GMO free to protect wildlife and the world’s forests.

Agi Kaja

Agi Kaja

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