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Vegan Brand Tells Its Customers They Don’t Have To Be Vegan

Vegan Brand Tells Its Customers They Don’t Have To Be Vegan

by Agi Kaja

Vegan food delivery brand allplants has launched a new advertising campaign to encourage non-vegans to add more plants to their diet.

Launching during Veganuary – a global initiative that encourages people to take up veganism for the first month of the year – this timely campaign taps into the struggles that many fledgling vegans may experience as they try going without meat and dairy. It frames allplants as the non-judgemental provider of plant-based meals with the new brand line: “We’re all plants. You don’t have to be.”

Allplants' TV campaign was created and produced by Snap London. It was directed by ex-child actor and young director, Eros Vlahos, and shows a woman who, despite her efforts to eat more plant-based food, encounters her moment of weakness with a packet of supermarket sliced cheese, which she secretly snacks on in her car before being rumbled by her onlooking husband. She is then reassured by allplants – voiced by Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar – that they won’t judge her for not eating vegan 100% of the time.

The advert has been playing across national TV channels and forms part of a wider campaign in outdoor, print, social and digital created and produced by allplants.

Jonathan Petrides, Founder and CEO at allplants, commented: “At allplants, we take our food seriously, but not ourselves. Saving the planet with plants isn’t about perfection, we can go an incredibly long way if everyone just started eating plant-based a bit more often. Following a year of phenomenal growth in 2020, we are ready to share our story and our delicious food with the huge numbers of people looking to move to a more plant-based diet. As a brand we’re 100% plant-based, but we recognise not everyone can make that leap.”

“We simply believe that the more plant-based plates, the better for the planet – whether that’s every meal or the odd one now and then. Small imperfect changes made by millions of people add up to make a big difference. That’s why we created a campaign which celebrates the imperfect moments in all of us, and makes plant-based eating, and allplants, accessible and welcoming.”

Agi Kaja

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