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Vegan Pork Brand OmniPork Has Landed In Select Restaurants Across UK

Vegan Pork Brand OmniPork Has Landed In Select Restaurants Across UK

by Agi Kaja

Food tech startup OmniFoods rolled out its plant-based pork to select UK restaurants for a limited time. The vegan pork meat is available in nine restaurants across the country as part of a soft launch ahead its retail debut.

The partnering restaurants include: Shoreditch’s Eat Chay, Bournemouth’s Plant Hustler;  Brighton's Erpingham House, London’s Park Chinois, Rasa Sayang and food-delivery businesses Alta Foods, Viet Vegan and Kay Kay Foods.

OmniPork is plant-based ground pork made from pea protein, soy, shiitake mushrooms, and rice. It perfect to make meat balls, burgers, stuffed dishes like dumplings and salads. 

UK restaurants Chefs have partnered with OmniFoods to develop Asian menu dishes such as siu mai dumplings, Vietnamese noodle salad Bun Cha, bibimbap and mapo tofu and dishes with western spin such as burger with Korean BBQ marinade and sesame mayo, Scotch Egg with OmniPork and marinated aubergine with OmniPork. 

OmniFoods products range includes OmniPork Luncheon, a vegan version of Spam, OmniPork Strip and ready meals. The products can be found at Starbucks China and McDonald’s Hong Kong and Aldi Stores in China.

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