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Italian Flower Burger To Open Its First Site In the UK

Italian Flower Burger To Open Its First Site In the UK

by Agi Kaja

Instagram-friendly Italian vegan burger chain Flower Burger will debut in London this month. The brand is opening its first restaurant on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia. 

The brand 14 sites in Italy and France is launching in the UK in partnership with F&B operator Gerry’s Group. The company has plans to roll out the brand in key cities across the UK. 

The two-storey London site will seat 65 guests. The interior design is vibrant and colourful with kaleidoscopic graphics and a mural of the Beatles’ iconic yellow submarine. 

The restaurant will serve a range of delicious and healthy plant-based burgers featured in colourful buns. 

The buns range includes yellow buns with turmeric, red buns with cherry and the purple with black carrot extract and more. The signature Flower Burger is served in a purple bun with a seitan and red kidney bean patty. The Cherry Bomb burger features a lentil and basmati rice patty served in a pink bun coloured with beetroot.

Jungle Burger in exclusive to the UK menu. It is served in a green bun made with turmeric and spirulina, a red bean and oat patty, lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, plant-based ‘cheddar’ and smoky BBQ sauce. 

Side dishes menu includes potato wedges, edamame beans and patatas bravas. There are also a few desserts such as Coco-nuts made with creamy coconut, nut grains in espresso coffee, cocoa roasted hazel nuts and a vegan chocolate. The Chocolate Salami dessert is made with dark chocolate, soy milk, whole wheat biscuits and oat flakes. 

Flower Burger founder and managing director Matteo Toto said:  “People do not always associate vegan food with fun and enjoyment. Flower Burger is about changing this perception, with a psychedelic brand and restaurant décor that fits a natural, great tasting and unique product that we produce ourselves.” 

 “We have an ambitious and strong opening plan with the mission to bring a year-long summer atmosphere in all our future locations with passion and love. An inclusive, universal, colourful and playful love that spreads like music and brings cheer.” 

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