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US Beef Producer Is Set To Open A Plant-Based Factory

US Beef Producer Is Set To Open A Plant-Based Factory

by Agi Kaja

Another giant meat processor is investing in plant-based food industry. 

California-based beef producer Jensen Meat is opening a new facility dedicated to plant-based products. Jensen supplies America's biggest supermarket chains including Walmart and Kroger. 

The new factory, opening in April 2021 will be used for blending, cooking, dry mixing and emulsifying plant-based ingredients for foodservice and retail products.

According to the company, the new facility will allow to increase production of plant-based products including vegan burgers, .

Abel Olivera, CEO of Jensen Meat said: “We now want to leverage our world-class knowledge to create a cost-effective process for producing plant-based products.”

 “We can create, process and pack plant-based products in ways that are cost effective and innovative.

“We want to help bright minds out there that have the same goal of creating healthy, low-cost foods from alternative sources of protein, which also play a part in reducing world hunger.”

In 2019 owners of Jensen Meat acquired Before the Butcher, a plant-based foods company known for its Uncut brand of vegan burgers and sausages.

Agi Kaja

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