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Jackfruit Meat Has Landed In TheVeganKind Supermarket

Jackfruit Meat Has Landed In TheVeganKind Supermarket

by Agi Kaja

Plant-based meat alternatives made with jackfruit are now available to buy online at TheVeganKind Supermarket.

Jack & Bry is on the mission is to take jackfruit to a whole new level with these tasty and nutritious meat-free burgers, sausages and mince.

Jack & Bry’s quality plant-based meats have been developed to recreate the taste, texture and flavour of their meat counterparts making them perfect for meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarian and vegan foodies. Sizzling jackfruit sausage are perfect for a full English breakfast, or lunch and dinner, served with mash and gravy. The juicy jackfruit burger tastes just like the real thing and mince can be cooked in many ways with sauces, pastas, curries and stews.

Jack & Bry use jackfruit which is a wholefood, as their core ingredient to give a naturally meaty texture. Jackfruit is high in fibre and also a flavour hugger and is the perfect base for all plant-based meats.

What is jackfruit then? 

Jackfruit is a very large tropical fruit that grows in Southeast Asia, Brazil and Africa. It can be used as a healthy meat replacement. It offers a meaty texture and stringy consistence and it's perfect for cooking. You can chunk or shred it like chicken or pork meat. It has a neutral taste so it takes on the flavour of the seasoning you pair it with.

As it is technically a fruit, it contains no saturated fat or cholesterol and very little sodium. It is low in calories but it contains a lot of fibre and potassium. The fruit itself has very little protein but the seeds of the jackfruit are rich in protein and can be also used as flour for baking. 

Jack & Bry was founded in 2019 by Bryony Tinn-Disbury who noticed a gap in the market for plant-based meat pizza toppings. The company launched what it claims is the world’s first jackfruit pepperoni slices with pizza restaurant chain Zizzi. Jack & Bry is the only branded jackfruit company that makes all the meats, including burgers, sausages, mince, chorizo and pepperoni. 

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