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The Coconut Collaborative Launched Vegan Vanilla Custard

The Coconut Collaborative Launched Vegan Vanilla Custard

by Agi Kaja

Popular plant-based food brand The Coconut Collaborative launched a luxurious vegan product for custard lovers. 

The brand new Vanilla Custard is what you would call la crème de la custard. The only coconut-based custard on the market, with a thick and creamy texture and delicious taste made with high quality vanilla beans. 

This dairy free custard will be perfect for your apple crumble this winter.

It is made from coconuts, but it doesn’t taste of coconuts! It is soy free, gluten free and contains less sugar than all other plant-based and dairy custards available on the market. 

This vegan custard can be used for cooking and baking, hot or cold with The Coconut Collaborative gluten free melt-in-the-middle chocolate puds or with a homemade crumble. It can match any dessert. 

The Coconut Collaborative is the fastest-growing and the #1 premium dairy-free food brand in the UK. The company was founded in 2014 by James Averdieck on a mission to spread the coco-love far and wide.

‘It sounds cliché, but I was actually on holiday, sat underneath a coconut palm when I thought of the idea. I wanted to prove that dairy-free doesn’t mean a compromise on taste, and honestly, what better way to prove that than through the mighty coconut. We want to break-through any misconceptions and showcase that plant-based can be delicious, good for you and good for the planet simultaneously.’ he said. 

The Coconut Collaborative Vanilla Custard is now available to buy online in TheVeganKind Supermarket.

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