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Mini Goes Vegan & Ditches Leather Interiors

Mini Goes Vegan & Ditches Leather Interiors

by Agi Kaja

Mini will stop using real leather interiors on all of its future models!  

According to an interview with design chief Oliver Heilmer for UK magazine Autocar,  Mini no longer believed leather fitted with the brand.

He said: "We don’t need leather any more in the future, because we don’t believe it’s sustainable."

"The fabric in the production seats is now 100% recycled. The lining underneath is 70% recycled. We're looking to create a timeless design. A one-season design, like fashion, isn't our aim with the design of future Minis," he added.

"It's inventive simplicity. Materials will be recycled, but they're luxurious at the same time."

The latest news comes shortly after the new Mini hatch and convertible range were released. 

In the future, Mini intends to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint with each that it produces. 

So far, more than a half of all cars sold by Mini in the UK featured real leather interiors.

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