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One Planet Pizza Partners With Dairy Giant Norseland To Offer Pizzas Topped With Applewood Vegan Cheese

One Planet Pizza Partners With Dairy Giant Norseland To Offer Pizzas Topped With Applewood Vegan Cheese

by Agi Kaja

To celebrate World Pizza Day on February 9th, One Planet Pizza has announced a new partnership with dairy giant Norseland, the creators of the iconic Applewood Vegan. 

Norseland will become One Planet Pizza’s official vegan cheese supplier, chosen because its cheese melts and tastes just like traditional dairy cheese. Made with only plant-based ingredients, it’s set to challenge consumer perception about plant-based pizza.

With the global vegan cheese market worth USD $2.5 billion, and more than 76% of UK consumers happy to try vegan pizza, the plant-based sector is booming. One Planet Pizza aims to disrupt the frozen pizza market by creating pizza with purpose, and believes the partnership with Norseland is a step in the right direction to inspire larger, traditional businesses to invest into the plant-based market, encouraging conversations about the future of food.

Lisa Harrison, Senior Brand Manager at Norseland, says: “We are delighted to be working with One planet Pizza in this collaboration, which will see all of their pizzas topped with the deliciously smoky and multi-award-winning Applewood® Vegan. It’s such a versatile cheese and perfect for pizza as it has the ‘M’ factor – it melts like real cheese and keeps it delicious smoky flavour throughout – even when melted. The new branding looks fantastic and the pizzas taste incredible, so we are sure they will be a huge hit with consumers!”

One Planet Pizza Direct, also recently announced a successful second funding round, in which it raised £360,000 – beating its £340,000 target – and enabling it to increase production capacity.

Father and son co-founders of One Planet Pizza, Mike and Joe Hill, believe that the future of our food is, and has to be, plant-based. Joe Hill, says: “It’s an exciting time to be a pizza fiend! By partnering with dairy giant Norseland, the creators of Applewood® Vegan, we hope to entice more meat-reducers, vegetarians and meat-free Monday advocates to make a switch to a plant-based diet, using the power of epic tasting plant-based pizza. We’re here to show you just how tasty and flavoursome plant-based eating can be, and it all begins with a slice of pizza. Welcome to the future of pizza – it’s low waste, it’s plant-based and it’s damn delicious!”

Starting this month, vegan pizza fans will be able to enjoy Applewood Vegan on every item in One Planet Pizza range sold in TheVeganKind Supermarket.

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