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Future Farm Launched Plant-Based Burgers, Mince, Meatballs And Sausages In The UK

Future Farm Launched Plant-Based Burgers, Mince, Meatballs And Sausages In The UK

by Agi Kaja

Future Farm is the most popular meatless-meat brand in Brazil. In their home country they are known as Fazenda Futuro and they want the change this meat-loving nation eats.

Since launching last year in Brazil they have sold more than 9 million of Future Burgers. Now, starting from January the brand is also officially available to buy online in the the UK, through TheVeganKind Supermarket. 

The Future Farm range includes burgers, mince, meatballs and sausages all made from 100% natural ingredients. The products are GMO & gluten free.  Future Meatballs, Future Burgers, Future Sausages and Future Mince are made using a blend of soy, pea and chickpea proteins.

Future Farm aims to be the tastiest food tech company in the world and invests almost a third of gross revenue into R&D, which means their meatless products are in a continual process of testing an improvement. The Brazilian startup upgrades the products continually increasing their quality and moving them closer to the flavour, texture and juiciness of meat with each iteration.

Future Farm is on the mission to change the way the global population consumes meat, and reduce meat consumption by getting people to switch to its plant-based products that can match the flavour of animal food products. 

The brand also fight against the destruction of Amazing and wants to buy back the rainforest from the meat industry by fostering the movement towards GMO-free and deforestation free produce in place of those that are unethical and illegal. All of the brands ingredients suppliers have to be members of the Responsible Soy Association.

Pedro Zuim, marketing director for Future Farm, said: “In Brazil we have the world’s greatest natural resource, the Amazon rainforest, but it’s being destroyed to grow soy to feed animals. It just didn’t make sense to us. By replicating the same satisfaction we get from eating meat, using plants, we have revolutionised food in a way that is good for the people, the planet, and your plate.”

Fazenda Futuro burger accounts for a staggering 23% of all burger sales (including meat) in Brazil’s biggest retailer. Fazenda Futuro has been so popular there that all non-meat burgers are referred to as ‘Future Burgers’ by Brazilians.

Future Farm was founded in Rio de Janeiro by Marcos Leta and Alfredo Strechinsky and it is now one of the fastest growing plant-based meat companies in the world. Their products are now available in fifteen countries - with the aim to double this number by the end of 2021.

“We aim to make Future Farm a truly global brand, and improve the world through nutrition. Brazil is the third largest food producer in the world, and someday soon it will be the biggest , if there is a global meatless meat substitute it should be Brazilian,” Zuim said. 

Future Farm plant-based burgers, mince, sausages and meatballs are available in TheVeganKind Supermarket, priced at £3.99.

Agi Kaja

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