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The Vurger Has Launched Vegan Cheezy Sauce

The Vurger Has Launched Vegan Cheezy Sauce

by Agi Kaja

Plant-based fast-food brand The Vurger added a new product to its portfolio of vegan sauces. 

Cheezy Vegan Sauce is the absolute ultimate cheezy creamy sauce that every vegan and non-vegan will love. This delicious sauce will definitely be your family favourite cupboard staple. 

Very easy and convenient to use with many recipes, such as pastas, sandwiches and salads. Everything tastes  better with Cheezy! 

Simply pour out, heat up and stir in your favourite dish and it's done!

You can add it on your favourite toppings and bake in the oven for the perfect mac n cheese or layer into a lasagne for extra cheeziness! 

The Cheezy sauce is 100% vegan and free from soya, free from gluten and free from nuts. which makes it suitable for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and those with nut allergies.

Cheezy Vegan Sauce is now available at TheVeganKind Supermarket priced at £4.45. 

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Agi Kaja

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